It’s Your Money, Make It Work Harder For You


We work for you, not the insurance company.

AIN is an independent consulting agency with access to many different companies and solutions.  We are not “captive” to one or two companies. We make truly unbiased recommendations based only on the needs of our clients.


Insurance Planning
We help people structure their insurance (life, health, long term care) to balance adequate coverage with affordable premiums. By carefully shopping the market and knowing which coverage options are important and which are not, we help all our clients get the coverage they need with the smallest possible premium.

Retirement Planning
Planning retirement needs is an ongoing process right up to the last day of a person’s life. While everyone’s needs differ, retirement is the point where asset preservation becomes more important than accumulation. At AIN, we excel in helping people preserve and protect what they accumulated throughout their working years, without sacrificing future growth potential.

Estate Planning
The primary purpose of estate planning is to protect one’s assets for the benefit of them and their heirs. Without proper planning, substantial and unexpected loss to such forces as probate, taxes, long term care spend-down, etc. can occur. Let us assist you with strategies to save you and your heirs from these potential ravages.