It’s Your Money, Make It Work Harder For You


The Power of Professional Independence

Within the insurance and financial services world, there are two categories of agents: Captive and Independent:



  • Captive Agents are employees and limited to offering products approved by their employer.  They are trained how to make those products seem like the best there is, whether true or not.
  • Independent Agents have no such limitation and are free to recommend products offered by anyone without regard to artificially pre-determined offerings and recommendations.  BUT, most Independent advisors operate with little or no formal advanced training about how products work or where specific products perform optimally.  They may have the ability to make ideal recommendations but too often lack the skill and knowledge to do so.



Only an Independent Agent who is also a Skilled Professional can truly make recommendations that are both unbiased and insightful. At AIN, we take great pride in the fact that we are Top Level Skilled Independent Professionals with access to companies and products reserved only for the best of the best.


The Power of Networking

Nobody can do everything.  AIN takes great pride in our selection of network partners:


The Michigan and Ohio Corporation, AKA M&O Marketingis a billion dollar per year financial services firm headquartered in metropolitan Detroit with a footprint in every major city in the country. The oldest of its kind in the country, M&O serves as a both product and research entity as well as a conduit to scores of the top financial service companies in the world including John Hancock, New York Life, Met Life, Prudential, Allianz, Athene, Nationwide, TransAmerica, United of Omaha, etc.


AIN is also partner with the Independent Excellence Group, an elite invitation-only organization comprised of some of the top financial services representatives in the country. The Independence Excellence Group functions as a think-tank organization where the nation’s brightest and most innovative financial professionals meet quarterly to exchange ideas and innovations. Their webiste here.